Dowtown Market 7.27.16WL Thanksgiving Lunch 2016

When asked about Worklab and our coworking memberships, we generally describe the business as a coworking and meeting facility that provides a work space and atmosphere that is inspiring, professional, and comfortable for mobile workers, freelancers, and satellite teams. Most people probably think “well, that sounds nice, but so is working from home.” The point is, we are so much more than just a place to do your work. We are a community. A community filled with warm, established, inspirational, and determined individuals with whom you can surround yourself with. Working from home will not offer you this. Neither will that local coffee shop you’ve been loitering at all day.

At Worklab, we host monthly member events. These events provide the individuals who attend the opportunity to get to know others who are working from our space, to create professional connections, and to maybe even make a new friend. We could talk about how great our community is all day long but don’t just take our word for it. Here are some testimonies from current Worklab members:

“I have the option to really work anywhere, which is why some people may find me in a cafe, library, or park bench sometimes. However, I always find myself coming back to Worklab not just to work, but more importantly to interact. The people at Worklab are friendly, and want to talk, this is something I enjoy and can’t find in other “work” locations. It’s not easy to go up to people and ask how their day is and have a real conversation with them in a cafe for example, at Worklab it is easy, and that is what makes it more than just a place to work.”

– Tom Liravongsa from Quantam

“What I love most about Worklab is the sense of community, its culture and the creative work environment. Every day when I walk into Worklab, I always feel so energized by the space and the people. There’s always a variety of workspaces available in case I need a change of scenery and I love meeting new faces and getting to know the other co-workers. The best thing about Worklab’s culture and environment is that it makes me feel like I’m part of a larger team. The staff does an incredible job at making sure Worklab is a welcoming and energizing place to work and I encourage any business owner or freelancer who’s looking for an office space to consider Worklab.”

– Olivia Adams from Byrum & Fisk Communications

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