• Cookies & Coworking

    Happy #NationalChocolateChipCookieDay everyone! Friday, August 4 marks this national and not widely known “holiday” and it is way too tasty for us not to take part in! We really want to treat EVERYONE, so we are offering FREE cookies and coworking to any person who wants to try out our…

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  • Member Spotlight: Joanna Dreiling!

    We had the pleasure of having Joanna Dreiling as our July member spotlight! Joanna is the CEO / Success Coach for her company, Carpe Corde. She helps ambitious millennial women design their future so they can make their dream life a reality. Get to know more about Jo below: How long…

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  • Member Spotlight: Brian Bakker!

    We present you our June member spotlight, Brian Bakker! Get to know more about Brian below: Name: Brian Bakker Company: Stout (www.stoutadvisory.com) Position: Manager Company Overview: Stout is a leading independent advisory firm specializing in Valuation Advisory, Dispute Consulting, Investment Banking, Management Consulting, and Transaction Opinions How long have you…

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  • Member Spotlight: Michael Soczek!

    This month’s Worklab member spotlight is Michael Soczek from State Farm Insurance! Get to know a bit about Michael below: Name:  Michael Soczek Company:  State Farm Insurance Position:  Marketing Analyst on national advertising team. Company Overview:  State Farm is the largest auto and home insurer in the US, insuring nearly…

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  • Member Spotlight: Brice Bossardet!

    Each month we choose one member to put the spotlight on. We love to share with everyone about all of the wonderful people we have the pleasure of knowing and working next to! This past month, we chose Brice Bossardet as our member spotlight. Read on to get to know…

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      When asked about Worklab and our coworking memberships, we generally describe the business as a coworking and meeting facility that provides a work space and atmosphere that is inspiring, professional, and comfortable for mobile workers, freelancers, and satellite teams. Most people probably think “well, that sounds nice, but so…

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    A FRESH STEP Fall is upon us! Leaves are changing, the air is becoming cooler, everyone is going crazy over pumpkin spice lattes, and our Facebook timelines are filled with people going apple picking and visiting pumpkin patches. At Worklab, summer decor has been stored away and our cozy and…

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  • Worklab Turns 1!

    Join us in celebrating Worklab’s one year anniversary! Worklab opened in June 2014 as the first corporate coworking center in Grand Rapids, providing an exceptional work environment and meeting space in the heart of downtown. Since then, we’ve welcomed a community of members and visitors to share in the benefits…

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  • Mark’s Minute

    Thank you for reading my first weekly blog from inside the exciting world of the coworking world.  My goal is to give you all insights on what I see from my ownership position here at Worklab.  I’m here each day working right along side of so many great people, helping…

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  • 5 Reasons to Host Off-Site Work Meetings

    Motivation and productivity are two of most important elements to have in an office environment. Employees want to be able to feed off of others, grow, and inspire. In order to maintain a productive working community, energy cannot fall stagnant and become stale–there needs to be constant collaboration and progression…

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